Analyst User Guide: Getting Started

This guide is to help Analyst Users log in, learn to navigate the PlexTrac Application, and find the information they can access to collaborate with their security teams. 

Logging In

When an account has been provisioned for you with your companies PlexTrac instance you will receive an email to set a password the first time you access the link. Once you have set that password you will log in at the same spot by entering your email and password. 

If your company has Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) set up, you will be required to use that system the second time you log in. 



Once you have logged in you will be taken to your PlexTrac Dashboard.


Here you can see the different PlexTrac Modules you have access to on the left hand side of the screen.


In the middle portion of the Dashboard you will see the findings you have been assigned within the reports you have access to. 


If you click on any one of the findings listed under your assignments, a preview of the finding will open up to allow you to view the information related to that finding.


Once you have opened a report to view, this report will show on the recently viewed reports section of the dashboard at the top of the page above your assigned findings. 


If you click on the Finding metrics tab along the top of the dashboard you can see different Analytics regarding the findings and assets you have access to. 


On the upper right hand portion of the screen you will see your name, if you click on that menu, you have access to edit your profile, view the help center, and log out of PlexTrac.


Learn more about the things you can do within the PlexTrac Application as an Analyst User in our Analyst User Training.

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