Analyst User Guide: Assessments

This guide is to help analyst users navigate and utilize the functions they have access to within the Assessments Module in PlexTrac. To learn the basics of PlexTrac, please check out the Getting Started Guide.  

Accessing Assessments

From the main Dashboard you will be able to access Assessments in a few ways. From the Left-Hand Navigation Menu and from your assignments section listed across the bottom of the Dashboard. If you choose the assessment from the assignments section, you will be taken directly to that specific assessment. If you choose to navigate using the Assessments menu item on the left hand side, you will be taken to a list of all assessments you have access to. 

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Assessments Module

Once you have made your way to the Assessments Module you are able to see your list of assessments. Keep in mind, this list is only the assessments you have access to. There may be other assessments in the system that are not visible to you as a user. 

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You are taken immediately to the in progress/completed list of assessments or you can click into the manage questionnaires tab. 

In Progress/Completed

This section of the assessments module allows you to view the list of assessments you have access to, edit in progress assessments, preview the information in a completed assessment, and start a new assessment. 

Edit Assessments

To edit an assessment, click on the edit link on the far-right hand side in line with the assessment you would like to edit. 

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Once you have entered the assessment you will see this screen. 

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On the left-hand side of the screen is the question navigator. You can click on any of the questions to navigate directly to the question and begin entering information. 

The circle to the left of the question is a status icon, you can view the key to these statuses by clicking the key icon next to the question navigator. 

You are also able to filter the question by status, such as “Not Started” to see only questions that have not been started.

And finally, you can search the question titles if you know you are looking for a specific question. 


Completing a Question

On the right side of the screen is the open question. You can navigate to other questions using either the arrow keys or entering the question number and clicking back outside of the box. 

Within the question itself you can:

  1. select a response 
  2. add notes
  3. upload attachments
  4. mark the question as complete 

Once you begin typing information into the question or selecting responses, you will see the Not Started status change to In Progress. And, once the question is marked as complete, the status message will change to Completed. 

To add attachments, click the Add attachment(s) button and either drag and drop, paste, or browse for the files you would like to attach. You can change the attachment title and add a description or caption if needed. Once all of the files you would like to attach have been added click save. 

Those attachments will now be listed in the question.

Once the question is complete, mark it as complete and click the save button at the top. 

You can now move on to the next question in the assessment. Some assessments have required questions that you must complete before the assessment can be submitted. You can use the icon key shown above and in the question navigator to determine if you have required questions left to answer before attempting to submit the assessment.

Approve Assessment

If you have been assigned as a reviewer for an assessment, this assessment will be visible under assignments on your dashboard. 

Once the assessment has been completed and you have reviewed all of the information, you can click on the “in review” button next to the “submit assessment” button and then approve and save to approve the assessment.

Submit Assessment

The final button on this page is the submit assessment button. Once you have completed the assessment you can click to submit the assessment if there is not a reviewer assigned to the assessment. 

If there is a reviewer assigned and they have not approved the assessment yet, the submit assessment button will be grayed out. 

Once you submit the assessment, the questions are no longer able to be edited.

If you attempt to submit the assessment before all required questions have been completed, you will receive this message. 

If you have submitted an assessment, and need to do the same exact one again, in the preview of the completed assessment you can click on begin assessment and it will make a complete copy of the assessment, including attachments and answers. 

Manage Questionnaires

This tab of the assessments module is where the base questionnaires live that become assessments. You can see all the questionnaires available in the instance and begin or export the questionnaire. To export you will click the three dots next to Begin Assessment in line with the questionnaire you would like to export. 

At the top of the list there is a search bar that will allow you to search through a long list of questionnaires to help find the one you are looking for.

When you click on “Begin Assessment” in line with the questionnaire you would like to begin, you are creating a new assessment that you can edit. This new assessment will live in the In Progress/Completed Tab. Once you click on “Begin Assessment” you will be prompted to choose a client or project to begin the assessment for. Choose the appropriate option from the drop down menu and then click “Begin Assessment” and you will be taken directly to the assessment to begin working on the questions. 



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